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故事 Bio

大家都叫他"Link",最初是台灣出生、在加拿大長大的唱作人,後來轉向專注於音樂製作。在倫敦安大略音訊錄製技術學院專修電影配音畢業後,他開始在多倫多做獨立電影編曲,同時在 YouTube 上教授音樂製作,還時常與 FL Studio (imageline) 合作,包括中文翻譯。

他的生活轉折是一部探討編曲哲學的短動畫在 Bilibili 上爆紅,激發了他對極簡敘事的興趣。於是,Link 開始製作短片,踏入了動畫領域。

現在,Link 持續透過音樂與視覺探索生活中啟發的故事。

Pei Ju Lin, known as "Link," began his artistic journey as a Taiwan-born, Canada-raised singer-songwriter before transitioning into music production. After studying at the Ontario Institute of Audio Recording Technology, he delved into composing music for indie films in Toronto while teaching music production on YouTube, collaborating with FL Studio.

His path took a turn when a short animated film about the philosophy of film score composition went viral on Bilibili, sparking his interest in minimalist storytelling. Embracing animation, Link ventured into producing short films.

Today, Pei Ju "Link" Lin continues to explore storytelling through animation, inspired by his passion for music and everyday life experience.

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line: @linkmusicnow


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