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Link is a Taiwanese-Canadian R&B music producer, composer, and songwriter that has worked with local singers, rappers, film directors, and game developers in North America, Europe, and Asia.


Link was born in Taiwan and has been living in the US and Canada since 2004. He moved to Toronto in 2018 after completing his audio engineer training in London to pursue his career in sound.



Growing up, classical music was the only acceptable genre of music at home. He listened to pop songs for the first time at the age of 10 and was surprised and touched by the foreign instrumentations. 


In the coming years, he started playing the piano by ear, experimenting with combinations of keys to find pleasant-sounding patterns. Slowly, he developed interests in improvisations and composing to pictures.


In 2018, he went to OIART to study a variety of subjects related to audio including acoustics, sound design, music production, and various recording technologies. With a newly-acquired skill set and perspective, he moved to Toronto to continue his venture in the music scene. His goal is to connect artists and visuals to the right music to deliver the greatest emotional impact. 


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  • New-Age

  • Soundtrack/Scores




  • Acoustic Guitar

  • Violin

  • Saxophone​

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Audio for Visual

Film Score

Sound Design

Recording & Editing


Voice Acting

Music Production

Pro Tools Operations

Audio Engineering

Acoustic Calibration


Live Performing

Live Sound

Live Sound Mixing


Mic & Cable Management

Lighting Design​

Corporate AV